Our most commonly asked questions. But please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have a question or query.

    Where are you based?
    We're a local firm based in Swindon, just off Junction 15, M4, so we cover Chippenham and the towns nearby incl. Marlborough & Cirencester as part of our service.

    How long to carpets take to dry?
    Typically it's 30 minutes. With our 3-stage cleaning method, we can give you a fresh, clean carpet that dries within 30 minutes.

    Do you clean more than carpets?
    Yes, we do. We also specialise in hardwood floors incl. laminates, tilings and upholstery cleaning.

    Do we need to move our furniture?
    Yes you do. This is not part of our standard pricing and should we be required to move furniture, there will be an additional charge.
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